The cemetery depends on its volunteer Board of Directors who oversees all aspects of the cemetery including hiring the superintendent who, in turn, hires maintenance staff, meets with people interested in purchasing the right to interment, interacts with funeral directors, etc.The Board makes policy decisions, does long-range planning, oversees finances and works to increase community awareness of Kennebunk’s beautiful, historic Hope Cemetery.


Long range plans include rallying groups of volunteers to help involve the community in events such as a “stone cleaning day” in the Old Burying Ground, planting spring bulbs, fund-raising, entering genealogy information into a database and writing historically interesting stories about some of the people interred in the cemetery.


Collaboration between the Cemetery and the Brick Store Museum includes an All Souls’ Walk with local volunteers role-playing historic characters interacting with the public and telling their stories on the Saturday before Halloween.


United Way Annual Day of Caring


June 4, 2014 was the Annual Day of Caring sponsored by the United York of York County.   More than 900 volunteers worked on 92 projects throughout York County at 46 non-profits including Hope Cemetery.   Hope Cemetery was fortunate to have volunteers from York County Community College, the Unitarian Church and the Hope Cemetery Board,  under the guidance of Ghlee Woodworth, tombstone conservator from Newburyport, MA, reset and clean some twenty tombstones in the Old Church Yard   At the same time  Girl Scouts from  Troop 262 with their leaders under the direction of Colby Compton worked in the woods in the back of cemetery cutting a new trail.








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Fax 207-985-7846


Cemetery hours:

The cemetery will be open from dawn to sunset from April 1st to November 30th, weather and ground conditions permitting.