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Hope Cemetery Corporation

Thomas F. Litchfield, Superintendent
PO Box 211
Kennebunk, ME 0404
Phone & Fax: 207-985-7846

Cemetery Hours

Open from dawn to sunset,
April 1 to November 30

Hope Cemetery Corporation Board of Directors

Betsy T. Stevens, President
Louise Spang, Vice President
Gail Preble, Secretary
Tom Dobens, Treasurer
Rick Dempsey
Pam Stone Eagleson
Tom Kasprzak
Betsy MacDonald

Friends of Hope Cemetery & Woods Board of Directors

George C. Harrington, President
Gordon Collins, Vice President
Patsy Hemeon, Secretary
Tom Dobens, Treasurer
Jay Bartner
Pam Stone Eagleson
Tom Kasprzak
Steve Mahler
Cheryl Price